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MinZhong Healthcare Center is a modern professional healthcare center affiliated to Beijing Chaoyang District Health Bureau. It is a modern health administration (physical examination) institution initiated and established by Beijing Minzhong Hospital Investment Management Company and the vice-chairman unit Health News. It is also a technological collaboration organization of China Senior Professors Association Professional Committee of Medicine. The center is a national health management application base.

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Since it was established, the center has been widely recognized by all sectors of society and has successively won such honors as "China Top Ten Influential Brands of Health Management and Service" and "China Top Ten Branded Health Examination Institutions". In 2009, it was selected as "the only designated physical examination institution for the 59th Miss World Contest" and "the designated physical examination institution for 2010 Miss Tourism Queen International Contest".

The center also became the only designated mainland physical examination organization of Show Chwan Health Care System, the largest medical system in Taiwan, which opened a milestone-making new chapter of medical cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan. In addition, MinZhong Healthcare Center was sincerely invited by Agricultural Bank of China and became the first cooperation organization of the automobile subject card issued by Agricultural Bank of China. In 2010, MinZhong Healthcare Center again gained the favor of Miss Tourism Queen International and became the only designated physical examination organization for the 37th Miss Tourism Queen International.

MinZhong Healthcare Center, with a total area of 2000 m2, has a beautiful environment, advanced equipment and scientific processes for physical examinations. Besides, the center has a staff of a group of senior physical examination experts and provides Center members with services from experts of China Senior Professors Association. It provides various physical examination combos developed by experts which suit different people groups so that people can freely select physical examinations which meet their special needs. The center has established an advanced public physical examination website in China, through which people can directly inquire about the physical examination combos and make an appointment conveniently. At the same time, the center provides long-distance free inquiry service which enables people to make inquiries if they have questions related to physical examination.

As a leader in the industry, MinZhong Healthcare Center is the first to smoothly pass the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. And in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO9001standard, the center establishes a scientific, rational and effective standardized systematic process of health management. All the examination results of the center members are stored in the health management information system, which will be analyzed and evaluated by senior experts to issue accurate physical examination evaluation reports and provide customized health management plans and subsequent services. In addition, the center opens green channels with several Grade A tertiary hospitals so as to provide considerate services (medical inquiry, register, consultation, referral, hospitalization, etc.) for examinees.

Besides excellent physical examination services, MinZhong Healthcare Center pays special attention to public welfare. It repeatedly contributed to public welfare activities and helped people from various sectors who needed the help. With advanced equipment, excellent service and high social responsibility, the center was repeatedly praised by officials of various departments.

In future, MinZhong Healthcare Center will continue to follow the principles of "trust, quality, responsibility and collaboration" to lead the future physical examination and build an internationally advanced professional health management brand.

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