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To enjoy the exclusive member price of whole physical examination package

After becoming the MZ Health Management (Healthcare) Chain Institution family / individual member, in addition to enjoy a series of exclusive member service privileges, he will also enjoy the member price of arbitrary physical examination package and enjoy the best value and comprehensive physical examination services with best price.


VIP healthy and nutritious breakfast:

Nutritious and healthy breakfast is the beginning of a vibrant day. After finishing the items of medical examination, such as fasting blood and abdominal ultrasound, the nutrition experts of MZ Healthcare will provide the well balanced healthy breakfast for you and let you meet the next items of physical examination energetically.


VIP Special Area for Medical Examination

In order to provide more elegant and more comfortable physical examination environment for members, the special member area is established in the MZ Healthcare for your more comfortable medical examination.


One to one expert consultation is provided before the medical examination, the

physical examination is "personal customized" medical package:

Because everyone has his own physique features, the suitable items of physical examination are also different. The MZ Healthcare will provide one to one consultation service for members before physical examination and assign senior health management experts to create "personal customization version" of physical examination packages and make the items of physical examination with more pertinence and more comprehensiveness according to your individual features, such as age, gender, profession and physique.


The health specialists of MZ Healthcare will provide whole intimate one to one


The MZ Healthcare will specially provide whole intimate accompaniment services for members. Beginning from you entering the MZ Healthcare, the health specialists will accompany you till completing the whole process of medical examination, answer your various healthy questions and make your physical examination with time saving, labour saving and free from worry.


The expert of chief physician explain the medical report one to one after medical


After the examination report is issued, the chief physician, who has decades of extensive clinical experience, will explain one to one the health significance of your every medical datum, answer your health questions comprehensively and make you understand comprehensively your own health.


Personalized annual physical examination for members;

Health is a long process and require sustained attention and management. The senior health control experts will carefully analyze your physique situation based on your previous physical examination results and create more personalized medical packages for you. Let your annual physical examination is in possession of more pertinence.


Enjoy physical examination or visit examination services every year:

In order to ensure that all member can enjoy long-term health security, the re-examination service for some items will provide for members once each year, if you are not convenient to travel, we will provide expert visit re-examination service for you based on your physique situation, so you can also enjoy health not out of your home.


Reexamine periodically items of physical examination related to positive signs:

If the positive signs are found by physical examination, the items of physical examination related to positive signs will be reexamined periodically for members and make long-term supervision for the disease, the senior health control experts will make the dynamic analysis according to the results of physical examination, provide health guidance program for you and make the disease is effectively controlled.


The green transfer treatment services of the grade A class three hospital

What should I do if some diseases found through the physical examination? The MZ Healthcare will provide the green transfer treatment services of Grade A class three hospital for you and ensure you can obtain the most professional treatment at the first time. We have personnel specially assigned for registration, guiding patients and payment, keeping your medical treatment smoothly and easily, restoring your health through better treatment.


Create the personal electronic health records:

After the physical examination, the health specialist will sort and analyze your data of physical examination over the years, create detailed personal electronic health records and save these health data for you perpetually. You can check and transfer the health data of personal information file at any time and know your health conditions anytime and anywhere.


Healthy contrast and tracking services according to the physical examination over

the years:

Health is a continuous and dynamic process, the health specialist will analyze and sort your data of physical examination over the years, make dynamic contrast and tracking for your health condition, make you more understand yourself health trends and avoid the risk factors preferably and maintain long-term health.


Regular telephone visit services:

In order to observe and measure whether your health is improved, the health specialists will regularly communicate with you by telephone at your convenience, understand your recent health condition, provide detail guidance on your exercise and diet according to your health condition and help you maintain the healthy state.


Formulate personalized health control plan and improve the sub-health by tracking

After the physical examination, the senior health control experts will analyze scientifically your health risks based on your data of physical examination, formulate your exclusive health control plan and improve your health condition from the aspects of diet, exercise and psychology.


With 24 hours telephone service of senior private health secretary and urge the

implementation of health plan:

The MZ Healthcare will provide 24 hours telephone service of senior private health secretary for members, waiting for your health service 24-hours and being your most intimate private health secretary. If you have questions about health, please consult us timely, let us provide you with the most comprehensive professional answer.


Periodic health lecture and salon:

The MZ Healthcare will regularly organize a series lectures about member health, invite well-known experts to explain health knowledge to our friends, conduct psychological guidance and make our friends know more about their health and love their health.


Provide family health guidance and track completely the implementation of health


After becoming personal / family members of the MZ Healthcare, we will not only provide you full range of health control, will also provide a detailed analysis of health risk factors, as well as a full range of health control guidance on diet and exercise, help your family part from bad habits and enjoy the green and healthy lifestyle.


Free psychological consultation and guidance services

The health is not only reflected in the physical health, but also mental health. After becoming the member of MZ Healthcare, the professional psychologist will provide you with free psychological consultation, help you maintain relaxed mood and march on better physical and mental health road.


The Health Control Services of Enterprises

Employee health is the greatest wealth, the senior experts will analyze and summarize the health conditions of employees, formulate scientifically the prevention programs of occupational diseases and epidemic diseases for enterprises, meanwhile establish exclusive personal health records for every employee and help enterprises to control the employee health preferably. Simultaneously, provide periodically expert health lectures and consultation services and enhance the healthy atmosphere of enterprises.

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